What Are The Parts That Are Often Replaced For Crawler Shot Blasting Machines?

Aug 26, 2020

   What are the parts that are often replaced for crawler shot blasting machines? That is to say, it is the wearing parts of the crawler shot blasting machine.

       The crawler type shot blasting machine is selected from Qingdao Wozhou brand. Qingdao Wozhou Machinery specializes in producing various types of shot blasting machines. The crawler type is one of the types of equipment. Generally, the crawler type shot blasting machine is divided into: Q324, Q326, Q328, Q3210, Q3212, etc., are divided according to the size of the workpiece, its output, and the number of kilograms per shot. The editor of Qingdao Wozhou Machinery will explain to you that Qingdao Wozhou Machinery’s crawler shot blasting machine often needs What are the replacement parts? Hope to help customers who need to purchase.

       General shot blasting machine is a kind of self-destructive equipment, steel shot is also a kind of damage to the equipment itself while hitting the workpiece. The vulnerable parts of general crawler shot blasting machine are as follows:

  1. Shot blasting device inner guard plate, blasting device inner blade orientation sleeve, blast wheel, impeller, top guard plate, side guard plate, end guard plate, sand funnel, pressure ring, gland, fasteners, etc.

   2. Shot blasting machine crawler, the crawler is also hit by steel shot, so it is also a vulnerable part.

   3. The body guards, fasteners, etc. of the shot blasting chamber.

   4. Dust collector accessories, dust bag, rapping mechanism, etc.

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   Qingdao Wozhou Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. main products are general-purpose shot blasting machines: hook type, crawler type, through type, catenary type, rotary table, wire type, road type, steel pipe inner wall type, shot blasting machine parts maintenance, etc. Product design adopts CAD computer-aided design to provide cost-effective products for foundry, metallurgy, automobile, shipbuilding, construction, mining machinery and engineering machinery nationwide, and can design and manufacture various non-standard special casting machinery according to user needs.

   The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, and integration", takes "informatization and globalization" as the development orientation, adheres to "technological innovation, sincere service", and devotes itself to creating cost-effective product values and services for colleagues from all walks of life!

   If you need more information about shot blasting machines, please inquire or come to Qingdao Wozhou Machinery Factory for inspection and negotiation!

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