Reasons For Oil Leakage Of Shot Blasting Machine And Operation Precautions

Aug 23, 2020

        What should I do if the shot blasting machine leaks oil? For the use of the shot blasting machine, there is often an oil leak. For example: a series of oil leaks such as oil leakage from the rotary shaft of the shot blasting machine engine, oil leakage from the switch of the shot blasting machine engine, etc. So in the face of these sudden oil leaks, how should we deal with it? First of all, let's talk about the solution to the oil leakage of the rotary shaft of the shot blasting machine. The rotary shaft of the shot blasting machine includes the clutch handle shaft of the gear lever shaft of the starter and the decompression shaft of the shot blasting machine engine.

   Reasons and solutions: If the shaft and the hole are worn out, the gear lever shaft and the clutch lever shaft of the starter can be cut into the sealing ring groove on the lathe, and the sealing rubber ring of the corresponding size can be installed. If the decompression shaft apron fails due to aging, a new apron should be replaced. How to deal with the oil leakage of the shot blasting machine engine switch. The switches include water valve, fuel tank switch and gasoline switch. If the ball valve is worn or corroded, the rust between the ball valve and the seat hole should be removed, and a suitable steel ball should be selected as a substitute. If the engine sealing packing and tightening thread of the shot blasting machine are damaged, the fasteners and sealing packing should be repaired or replaced. If the conical joint surface is not tight, fine valve sand and engine oil can be used for grinding.

        Notes on operation

        1. Do not operate the shot blasting machine without protective equipment.

        2. When adding or recovering iron sand, the dust removal fan, horizontal spiral, bucket elevator and longitudinal spiral must be opened first.

        3. Periodically open the dust-removing pulse back-blowing to remove the dust. Extend the dust removal pulse back-blowing time for 30 minutes after shutdown.

        4. Prevent the continuous opening of each control switch in a short interval. Avoid excessive current to burn the meter.

        5. Regularly check the wear condition of each wear-resistant part, and regularly clean up the waste at the filter and pill valve.

        6. During the hoisting process, do not put your body under the component, try to avoid the direction of the component falling, and pay attention to the safety of hoisting.

        7. Pay attention to slips and falls.

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