Knowledge About The Purchase And Use Of Shot Blasting Machines

Aug 23, 2020

        Shot blasting machine equipment seems to have only a few simple words, but it contains a lot of professional knowledge, so if you want to have a correct and comprehensive understanding of it, you need to spend some time and energy, and must Grasp all relevant knowledge firmly to achieve the goal. Today, Qingdao Wozhou Machinery will give you a detailed introduction:

        1. What should I pay attention to when buying shot blasting machine products online?

   The online purchase of shot blasting machinery products means that the products are purchased on the industry website. From a professional point of view, there are still some relevant considerations, as well as important and necessary considerations, because product procurement is still in progress. Therefore, it can be concluded that the answer to question 1 is yes. In addition, we need to know what are the important considerations and what are the necessary considerations, and have a correct understanding.

   Shot blasting machinery products are purchased online. If they want the right choice, they need to do two things. The specific reasons are: First of all, they should do some preparations before buying the product, they should take it seriously and implement it, so that they can have a good idea. The second is to consider all relevant factors when purchasing a product, and to have a comprehensive and comprehensive consideration to avoid errors in the consideration process.

       Can I choose different shot blasting media for shot blasting in the shot blasting machine?

       The shot blasting machine in the shot blasting machine can select the appropriate shot blasting medium according to the actual situation and processing requirements, which does not mean that only one shot blasting medium can be used; on the available shot blasting medium, various specifications can be obtained Sand, silicon carbide particles, small steel balls, etc. Through these shot peening media, attachments on the surface of the workpiece can be removed for subsequent processing.

       Can the shot blasting of the shot blasting machine and the grinding of the grinding equipment be coordinated?

       From a professional point of view, the answer to this question is that the shot blasting of the shot blasting machine and the grinding of the grinding equipment can be coordinated because they have different functions and achieve different goals. The two are not contradictory, which is why the above conclusion is reached. In addition, this is also something we must know in order to smoothly process the workpiece.

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