Reasons And Precautions For The Unsmooth Circulation Of Shot Blasting Machine Projectiles

Aug 22, 2020

      What should I do if the flow sand of the shot blasting machine is not good and the circulation system is not smooth? The shot blasting machine will encounter some problems during the operation, such as the poor circulation system of the shot blasting machine. How should this situation be solved? Wozhou Machinery is here to answer the reasons and precautions for the unsmooth flow sand circulation system of the shot blasting machine.

      To solve the problem of poor circulation of the shot blasting machine, we must first understand the structural characteristics of the shot blasting machine:

      1. Shot blasting machine is a casting equipment that uses high-speed projectiles thrown by a shot blaster to clean or strengthen the surface of castings.

      2. The shot blasting machine can simultaneously shake out, remove cores and clean the castings.

      3. The projectile circulation system in the shot blasting machine is composed of feed screw, hoist, separator, projectile control system, hopper and other parts.

      The poor circulation of shot blasting machine generally has the following types:

      1. The hoist belt is slack, which is caused by the hoist belt slipping.

      2. There are loopholes in the projectile storage bin, which reduces the circulation of projectiles.

      3. The projectile recovery scraper is worn.

      4. The projectile conveying pipe is blocked due to agglomeration of projectiles.

      5. Too many impurities in the trommel can block the sieve holes and affect the projectiles to pass through the sieve.

      6. The screw conveyor is stuck.

      Matters needing attention in the use of shot blasting machine

      1. The shot blasting machine cannot be operated without any protective equipment.

      2. In the case of adding or recovering iron sand, the dust removal fan, horizontal screw, bucket elevator and vertical screw must be turned on first.

      3. Periodically turn on the dust removal equipment and pulse back-blowing in order to remove dust. In the case of shutdown, the pulse back-blowing time of the dust removal equipment should be extended by about 30 minutes.

      4. It is prohibited to turn on each control switch one after another when the time interval is very short. Prevent the instrument from burning down due to excessive current.

      5. Check the wear condition of each wear part on time, and clean the waste at the filter and pill valve on time.

      6. During the hoisting process, the body cannot be placed under the component, and the direction in which the component falls should be avoided as much as possible, paying attention to the safety of hoisting.

      7. Prevent slip and fall injuries.

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