Intensified Shot Blasting Machine For Rust Removal Of Valve And Pipe Fittings, Intensified Plan For Shot Blasting And Sand Removal Of Stainless Steel Valve Pipes

Aug 05, 2020

        Shot blasting machines are suitable for all types of foundry companies, shipyards, automobile manufacturing repair plants, mold plants, valve plants, motorcycle parts plants, steel plants, cylinder plants, electroplating plants, small hardware plants, bearing plants, gear plants, door and window plants, and construction Companies (steel structure, stone shot blasting), rubber products (skin polishing) and other companies remove oxide scale, rust, burrs, flash, molding sand, etc.

Driven by the four major forces of industrialization, urbanization, reform and globalization, the valve manufacturing industry is currently developing rapidly. In power plants, valves can control the operation of boilers and steam turbines; in petroleum and chemical production, valves also control everything. The normal operation of production equipment and technological process, so the surface cleaning of valve parts plays an important role.

    Stainless steel valve shot blasting machine is an uncommon type of shot blasting machine, its surface cleaning, strengthening and many other advantages are not well known. Qingdao Wozhou Machinery Valve Shot Blasting Machine is used to clean the surface of metal castings such as valves, pipes and other metal castings. The projectiles thrown at high speed through the shot blasting device form a stream blasting beam, which strikes evenly on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of cleaning and strengthening. . After shot blasting, the workpiece can obtain a good material color, and it can also be the first process of the surface blackening, bluing, passivation and other processes of the metal part. At the same time, it can provide a good base surface for electroplating, paint, etc. .

Valve pipe fitting shot blasting machines are often used to clean and strengthen various stainless steel valves. Today, as the application field of valve pipe fittings is becoming wider and wider, its quality and strength are also higher than before, and its surface stress is improved. One solution is to use a valve and pipe shot blasting machine.

Shot blasting strengthening plan for valve pipe fittings:

   Valve and pipe shot blasting machine is an equipment that uses electric mechanical shot blasting machine as the power and uses high-speed shots thrown by the shot blasting machine to clean or strengthen the surface of metal workpieces.

   Crawler shot blasting machine can clean up various residues on the surface of metal workpieces. It can also perform sand removal, de-coring and cleaning of castings, and can also increase the surface stress of valve pipes. Shot blasting of valve pipe fittings relies on the high-speed rotation of the impeller. The abrasive in the center of the impeller is pre-accelerated by the adjusting block and the impeller pusher, and then sent into the blade area to throw the abrasive at high speed. The speed can exceed 100m/s. The range is large, so there is no need to use air pressure, and the energy efficiency is much higher than that of sandblasting.

Qingdao Wozhou Machinery Valve Special Shot Blasting Machine adopts a sealed structure around the gate to ensure that there is no escape of projectiles during the shot blasting work, to ensure the safety of staff and environmental sanitation. It is a kind of high cleaning efficiency, compact structure, low noise, and good completeness. Of cleaning equipment.

  Using valve pipe fitting shot blasting machine to improve the surface stress of valve pipe fittings can effectively extend the service life of various stainless steel valve pipe fittings. Once the valve and pipe fitting shot blasting machine produced by Qingdao Wozhou Machinery after many years of graduate students went on the market, it has been widely praised by new and old customers, which shows its reliable product quality.

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