Analysis And Treatment Measures Of The Failure Of The Shot Blasting Machine Screw Not Rotating

Aug 21, 2020

         The shot blasting machine is not powered by compressed air, but powered by an electromechanical shot blasting machine. It uses the high-speed projectile thrown by the shot blasting machine to clean or strengthen the surface of metal workpieces. The shot blasting machine can clean up various residues on the surface of metal workpieces, and can perform sand removal, core removal and cleaning of castings. Shot blasting relies on the high-speed rotation of the impeller. The abrasive in the center of the impeller is pre-accelerated by the regulator and impeller, and then sent into the blade area to throw the abrasive at high speed. The speed can exceed 100m/s. Because shot blasting covers a large area, air pressure is not required, and the energy efficiency is much higher than that of sand blasting. The impeller is the heart of the shot blasting machine. It is directly or indirectly driven by an electric motor. Each impeller manufacturer has a unique design, which is mainly divided into single disc and double disc impellers. Shot blasting machine, a casting equipment that uses high-speed projectiles thrown by the shot blaster to clean or strengthen the surface of the casting. The shot blasting machine can simultaneously shake out, remove the core and clean the castings. It mainly uses the high-speed rotating impeller to throw out the shot sand and hit the surface of the part at high speed to meet the surface treatment requirements. Next, the shot blasting machine manufacturer Dongjiu Machinery will explain the analysis and treatment measures of the failure of the screw not turning of the lower shot blasting machine.

          The shot blasting screw is composed of a geared motor, a bearing, a screw, a frame, and a pulse system. The screw does not rotate.

          The reasons are as follows:

          1. The bearing with seat is stuck. The seated bearing adopts deep groove ball bearing inside, and the internal ball and the ball space are large. Due to A large amount of dust is generated during shot blasting, which enters the bearing with a seat, and the dust collects inside the bearing, which is easily caused by adhesion through lubricating oil.

          The seated bearing is stuck.

          2. Because the detection distance of pulse light detection is too far or inaccurate, the pulse cannot be accurately counted.

          3. Due to the bending deformation of the screw drive shaft, the screw and the frame body are stuck.

          Troubleshooting measures for shot blasting machine screw not rotating

In response to non-turning failures, shot blasting machine manufacturers have formulated various measures to repair and avoid the problems in a targeted manner.

         1. Install a round seal rubber between the bearing and the frame to reduce the chance of dust entering the inside of the bearing.

         The sealing rubber rubber garden is installed, the chance of dust entering the bearing with a seat is reduced, the service life of the bearing is greatly extended, and the equipment failure is reduced.

Failure rate.

         2. For the pulse problem, automation personnel are required to regularly check whether the pulse is clean and whether the detection distance is moderate.

         3. In view of the bending problem of the spiral drive shaft, check the coaxiality of the drive shaft regularly to ensure that it is in the normal deviation range.

         Within the surrounding. And regularly clean up the internal impurities and broken iron pieces of the spiral to ensure its smooth operation.

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