Single Cartridge Filter

Single Cartridge Filter


The Single filter cartridge filter is dedicated to the collection and treatment of floating and suspended dust with a large amount of dust.


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The single cartridge filter is dedicated to the collection and treatment of floating and suspended dust with a large amount of dust. An automatic discharge valve is added under the ash hopper. It has the advantages of stability, reliability, small size, good sealing performance, convenient maintenance, and long service life.

The single cartridge filter application process: 

Cutting, mixing, stone carving, electric board processing, casting and cutting, grinding, drilling, metal processing, bagging, air inlet, crushing, stirring, cutting (spark generation operation), powder input, grinding, wood processing and other high temperatures Location and high concentration dust environment. The single cartridge filter main feature: 

1. The dust removal efficiency is high, generally above 99%, and the dust concentration at the outlet of the dust collector is within tens of mg / m3, which has a high classification efficiency for sub-micron fine dust. 

2. The range of treatment air volume is wide, the small one is only several minutes m3, and the large one can reach ten minutes tens of thousands of m

3, which can be used for flue gas dust removal of industrial furnaces and kilns to reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants. 

3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance and operation. 

4. Under the premise of ensuring the same high dust removal efficiency, the cost is lower than the electric dust collector. 

5. When using high temperature resistant filter materials such as glass fiber, PTFE, P84, etc., it can be operated under high temperature conditions above 200 ℃. 

6. Insensitive to the characteristics of dust, not affected by dust and resistance.

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