Heavy Metal Steel Shot

Heavy Metal Steel Shot


The alloy cast steel shot has the advantages of fast cleaning speed, long service life and low consumption.


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The heavy metal steel shot has the advantages of fast cleaning speed, long service life and low consumption. Eliminate internal stress, impact resistance and other characteristics. Tight metallographic organization. Heavy metal steel shot is generally suitable for sand blasting, rust removal and scale enhancement treatment of large steel castings, steel parts, steel pipes, steel structural parts, large castings and heat treatment parts.

The heavy metal steel shot weight percent composition is 0.72-0.83% C, 0.80-1.80% Si, 0.60-1.0% Mn, 0.20-0.35% Pr, 0.10-0.20% V, 0.05-0.20% P, 0.05-0.20% S, the balance is Fe. In the composition, the carbon content is low, and contains trace alloy elements: Cr, V, which enhances the strength of the product, improves the toughness, improves the impact resistance and wear resistance, and extends the service life of the product by 30%. Especially suitable for high-strength steel surface shot blasting, shot blasting cleaning and surface strengthening treatment.

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