How To Get Different Surface Treatment Effects In Shot Blasting Equipment?

Aug 30, 2020

      Shot blasting machine cleaning equipment, it is one of the main keywords of the website, and its main representative is shot blasting machine. Therefore, we must have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the production, sales and frequent use of shot blasting machines. , Only in this way can we know what it is and how to use it correctly and reasonably and have a good use effect, without problems such as incorrect use, and avoid adverse effects.

       Is the shot blasting in the shot blasting equipment really that important? How can we get different surface treatment effects? The editor of Qingdao Wozhou Machinery will give you a detailed explanation below.

       In fact, shot blasting in shot blasting equipment is a very important aspect from a professional point of view, because it will not only affect the shot blasting quality of the shot blasting equipment, but also affect the subsequent shot blasting effect. The slightest contempt and sloppy treatment. The professional explanation is that the shots are projected onto the surface of the workpiece at a high speed and at a certain angle by mechanical methods, so that impurities and oxide scales on the surface of the workpiece are removed. When the shot blasting is finished, the shot material and the cleaned up impurities shall be recovered separately, and the shot material can be reused. To obtain different surface treatment effects, it is necessary to control and select the particle size and shape of the shot, adjust and set the walking speed of the equipment, and control the ejection flow of the shot to obtain different ejection intensities. , So as to achieve the purpose of cleaning up.

        Some people will wonder, since running the equipment is so important, will the shot blasting equipment be used in the production of castings?

        Undoubtedly, the answer is yes. Shot blasting equipment must be used. In the production and manufacturing of castings, if you want to clean the sand and oxide scale on the surface of the castings, then you must use shot blasting equipment, because The equipment is shot blasting to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Moreover, this is also beneficial and harmless to castings. It can not only remove impurities such as sand and oxide scale on the surface of the casting, but also improve the quality of the casting. Therefore, the shot blasting machine is one of the important equipment.

        For information about the shot blasting machine, please call our company and look forward to your call.

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