Channel Steel Through-type Shot Blasting Machine

Aug 25, 2020

        Channel steel through-type shot blasting machine is used in many industries. In addition to the appearance of its work in the field of ships and vehicles, you can also see its work in such industries as building materials or containers. It can be said that more and more industries have seen the advantages and characteristics of this kind of equipment products, and they have chosen this kind of equipment to help them solve some problems that need to be cleaned up on the surface of the workpiece.

         Secondly, the function of the steel through-type shot blasting machine is also very powerful. When it comes to the function of the sand-blasting machine of the section steel type, perhaps most people only know that it will clean the rust on the surface of the workpiece, but in fact, in addition to this function, This equipment product can also scale, or help the workpiece to remove welding slag, clean up some edge burrs, etc., these functions make the surface of the workpiece to be treated more smooth, and this smooth and uniform appearance maintains a better surface Aesthetics.

         After the preparatory work of the channel steel through shot blasting machine is completed, we can start the formal shot blasting work. The specific operation steps and related points of attention are as follows

        1. Start the shot blasting machine first. The startup procedure must be opened in accordance with the specified requirements. A certain order must be followed to turn on the dust collector, bucket elevator, horizontal screw conveyor, longitudinal screw conveyor, shot blasting device, and conveyor roller in turn. Road, pill feeder and pill cleaning fan. The shutdown procedure after shot blasting is exactly the opposite of the startup procedure

       2. Next, we will determine the size of the shot blasting derusting grade according to the degree of rust on the surface of the shot blasted steel, and determine the speed of the shot blasting machine conveying pellets according to the derusting grade

      3. After the first shot blasting, observe the rust removal level of the steel surface to see if it has reached the specified level. If it fails to reach the specified level, a second shot is required. When it still fails to reach the required level, we should consider using new steel shots to remove rust.

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