Iron Oxide Sand

Iron Oxide Sand


Iron steel sand is a new type of wear-resistant material in recent decades, basically made of iron steel from natural iron ore, mainly iron oxide.


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Iron oxide sand is a new type of wear-resistant material in recent decades, basically made of iron steel from natural iron ore, mainly iron oxide.

The iron oxide sand has obvious characteristics, high grade, uniform particle size, high hardness, no specific powder, and the color is iron red or black-red. Iron oxide sand is not only wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and impact-resistant, but also has the properties of moisture resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in construction. Litie makes steel steel sand concrete wear layer or steel steel mortar wear layer with steel sand. Its compressive strength, splitting strength, friction coefficient and other aspects are better than iron chip mortar wear layer. Iron filings are prone to rust and shedding, but iron steel sand is not. Compared with diabase cast stone, iron steel sand is not only cheaper to construct, but also easier to construct, and its impact strength and brittleness value exceed diabase cast stone Times. Therefore, the wear-resistant layers of industrial infrastructure projects such as coal mines, electric power, chemical metallurgy, warehouses, docks, loading and unloading machinery factories, parking plants, electronic industries, highways, textiles, and military industries have been widely used in China for decades. The concrete or mortar wear-resistant layer is used in places with heavy friction, easy damage and high impact.

Scope of application

In coal chemical industry infrastructure: various coal bins, hoppers, chutes and other inner wear layers; coal pillars, beams and other surface wear layers; in thermal power plant infrastructure: coal bins, hoppers, coal discharge trenches, etc. ; Dry ash storage and other inner wear layer.

In coal coking, iron and steel infrastructure: mine tanks, coal pits, coke grooves, funnels and other wear-resistant layers; in cement industry infrastructure: various funnels, silos, pits, bulk storage and other wear-resistant layers; water conservancy and hydropower infrastructure: Spillholes, diversion tunnels, overflow dam faces, ship locks and other anti-corrosion and wear-resistant anti-corrosion coatings; in base and civil buildings: stair treads and anti-skid strips; underground garages and parking lots wear-resistant ground; metallurgy and chemical infrastructure: various Various dressings, funnels, silos, chutes and other wear-resistant layers in chemical processing; in other infrastructure: such as heavy truck accumulation and high-precision technology processing and production of large-scale machine tool workshops that require dust prevention, heavy equipment workshops for machine equipment, oil spills, Places resistant to oil, skid and wear.

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